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Oaxacan Day of the Dead Artists Workshop presented by the Academia de Fotografia - San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

October 28 – November 5, 2014
Includes Day of the Dead Events

Instructors: Jo Brenzo & Dan Burkholder
Participants: Professionls & Serious Amateurs

Digital Cameras, IPAD & IPhone


Commemorate Day of the Dead in Oaxaca and the surrounding area with two dynamic, award winning digital photographers, who know and love traditional photography. This is Jo’s 15th year leading workshops in Oaxaca and it will be the fourth time Dan has joined her.  Jo is strongly grounded in using Photoshop to create traditional images. This year Dan will be sharing his newfound enthusiasm for iPhone and iPad photography. Dan will also reveal how easily you can have the best of both worlds: shooting with your digital camera and then editing on your iPad or iPhone. This workshop is designed for serious amateurs and professionals. Bring your digital camera, iPhone or iPad, and laptop.
This workshop is more than Oaxacan cemeteries.  Over the years, Jo has discovered interesting villages and locations for side trips, and she has scouted out the best days and times to visit each. Our workshop home base, the Marquis de Valle Hotel, is situated right on the Zocalo; you can shoot from the balconies the myriad processions and events as they begin and end in the town center. Working as a team, the instructors will provide information relating to photography in Oaxaca and give shooting instruction for difficult lighting and locations.
There will be class time for downloading and editing your photos, as well as peer and instructor review of your work.
Don’t miss this exciting opportunity during one of the most visually rich events in the hemisphere!

CLASS SIZE:  9 participants
WORKSHOP DATES: October 28-November 5, 2014 (8 days)
CLASS LOCATION:  Oaxaca, Oaxaca
TUITION:  $2,900 dollars (includes instruction, hotel and field trips)
DEPOSIT:   $600 dollars  (Balance due:  September 15, 2014)


Reservations have been made at the
Hotel Marques del Valle on the central square

general information on Oaxacan day of the dead photographers Workshops presented by the Academia de Fotografia - San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

Oaxaca day of dead artists workshop
initial sand sculpting in the plaza
© Alicia Estrada

Participants will receive shooting instructions and lectures relating to particular issues of photographing in Oaxaca, as well as photography in general. Critique/problem solving sessions will follow most shooting events including the downloading and viewing of digital images. Within the city there will be a shooting excursion to the Mercado Abastos to photograph and buy figuros, bread, flowers – articles needed for the special ofrendas (altars). We will visit The San Miguel Cemetery during the day when graves are being cleaned and sand carpets and altars are under construction. We will return at night for the candlelight, music, and processions. There will be shooting field trips to local villages like the comparsa in Etla, where local people dress in outfits with mirrors and bells to dance in the plaza; the San Antonino Cemetery where prizes are awarded for the most unusual and elaborate decorations on ther unique mounded tomb formations; Xoxocotlan with flowers, candles, and people crowded together. Arrazola provides a change of pace and visits to shops and homes of some of Oaxaca’s talented wood carvers. Include the Holloween parades of children in the morning and innumerable processions through the plaza of young people and adults in the evenings wearing costumes or carrying candles you have countless, incredible photo opportunities.

Mexican “Day of the Dead” celebrations hold much fascination for visitors. It is a soleman and prayer-filled celebration, yet it is festive and even irreverent – grinning sugar skulls are a common adornment. It is a remarkable merging ofpre-Hispanic “cult of the dead” traditions with Roman Catholic All Saints and All Souls Day remembrances. During Day of the Dead, ancestral spirits are invited to return to visit those who continue on Earth. The dead are lured by colorful, flower-filled altars decorated with bread, sugar figures and offerings of favorite dishes and drinks that the departed enjoyed during life.

In Oaxaca, Day of the Dead includes fabulous SAND SCULPTED CARPETS in Bellas Artes and in the cemeteries. Each surrounding village has its own special twist on the celebration – dances are performed in one, the souls of small childdren are thought to visit at four in the afternoon in another. The commemorations remind people that death is illusive, life is eternal and the intangible presence of a loved one is everlasting.

Day of the Dead lasts for days in Oaxaca, presenting a week filled with isually stunning images. Fabulous candlelit altars ae constructed in stores, churches and homes. Blazing orange flowers line altars and gravesites to mark the way for the spirits. “Sand carpets, mostly depicting religious figures, skeletons and other images, can be photographed uring their construction and as they are judged as finished work. Small villages, unkon to tourists, will be visited.

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