Island of the Doll Image  Island of the Doll Image  Island of the Doll Image

Island of the Doll Image  Island of the Doll Image  Island of the Doll Image

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Jo has led twenty photographic groups to the Island of the Dolls (isla de las muñecas) over the past several years. Her enthusiasm for photographing this very special environment is contagious. Arriving early in the morning at Xochimilco, you will want your camera ready to capture the early morning activities at the dock. Boarding one of the many colorful launches, you can capture the water and shore activities in the morning light. Crossing the locks, another world opens before you, bringing you closer to nature with a variety of birds and lush vegetation. The destination is the Island of the Dolls, a unique photographic and emotional experience. Everyone will react--some positively, some negatively-- to the strange sight of dolls in all states of disrepair hanging in trees and about the island. No matter your feelings, there will be plenty to photograph, as well as photographic challenges. Lunch is provided on the launch, and the return trip is made in the afternoon light. Nearing the dock, the morning tranquility is transformed into a festive floating party with food, music and flowers.

JO BRENZO majored in Photography through the Fine Arts Dept. of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and taught at Belles Artes (Mexican National Art School) in San Miguel de Allende for the past 17 years. She established at the Academia de Fotografia in 1995. She has taught and exhibited her own work throughout the US, Europe and Latin America. She has been working with digital images for the past eight years, but continues to have a strong commitment to creating traditional photographic images.

CLASS SIZE: 4-8 students
CLASSES: September 4-6 , 2015
CLASS LOCATION: Mexico City - Xochimilco
TUITION: $325 dollars (includes hotel with double occupancy & van & launch - Mexico City)